The Aspen Ice White Quartz is a beautiful white stone which gives a very clean and neat look. The Aspen Ice White Quartz is ideal for homes and work spaces alike due to its minimalist look. Due to the plain nature of this stone, it is extremely ideal for pairing up with the furniture in your room. It is an extremely easy stone to compliment your household.


The beautiful Aspen Ice White Quartz has subtle features which complements the stone, however, it is not a noisy stone which is too loud for the room, but, one that is an understated elegance. It is an easy to maintain stone which also has scratch and heat resistant properties. This quartz would be ideal for the home environments as well as in commercial environments due to its hard and durable qualities. It is extremely easy to maintain, and you can simply clean the stone with warm and soapy water to have it crisp and clean again.


So, why the Aspen Ice White Quartz? Quartz is an engineered stone which makes it stronger and extremely hard-wearing, so you need not worry about the strength of the Aspen Ice White Quartz. Also, the white colour and the light background features make it extremely ideal to match to almost any colour scheme that you may be thinking of. The Aspen Ice White Quartz is truly one that will not disappoint, why not come to our store and have a look at this alluring stone yourself!


We take care of the whole process and provide a service from templating, to cutting, polishing and fitting. We also offer free no obligation quotes so you can feel free to get in touch with one of team and get your extremely competitive quotation.

As we have our in house CNC cutting machines, you can be sure that all the work we do is carefully monitored and regulated so that we can offer you the most premium service. We are also a member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, a professional body who only register those accredited with a quality, professional and trustworthy work ethic. We hope to ensure that you are provided with a stress free and quick service, and the fact that we have control over the whole process from templating to fitting allows us to make sure that you have an easy, simple and smooth buying experience from us.

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