The Pietra Quartz is a distinct and unique yet stylish quartz stone from the famous Silestone brand.Its mottled effect gives it a unique statement, and its dark colour makes it easy to compliment your room.The Pietra Quartz is a grey worktop with a beautiful eye catching mottled effect.


Silestone quartz is amazingly special in its properties as it is created out of 90% quartz. We are happy to announce that we stock the famous Silestone quartz brand! The Pietra Quartz is an extremely durable quartz and is stain and impact resistant making it ideal for a worktop at home in the kitchen or even at your workplace.


The Pietra Quartz worktop is extremely hard-wearing and a durable worktop yet it is also extremely stylish. It is a worktop that is extremely practical and it is also extremely fashionable.


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