The Imarmi Calacatta is a unique marble imitation quartz which provides a very sleek and modernistic look. It is an extremely hard-wearing and durable marble imitation, yet it comes without the the difficulties of marble maintenance.


As you maybe aware, the properties of a marble stone are completely different to one that of a quartz or granite worktop. Marble needs to be protected from products such as vinegar, citrus and tomatoes. All of which are used in our kitchens, also acidic cleaners must be avoided. The Imarmi Calcatta gives you the opportunity to benefit from a marble style worktop without being too worked up on the maintenance sides of things.


The Imarmi Calcatta is a unique stone with beautiful grey streaks giving it the most amazing contrast against its white background. The worktop is very easy to clean and maintain and is an extremely popular worktop. If you are a marble fan, however, you’re not too fond of the troubles maintaining your worktop, I would certainly recommend the Imarmi Calcatta as the perfect choice.


We offer a free sampling service, where you can benefit from checking out the worktop before you buy it. If you have any doubts or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with your query.


We know that purchasing the right worktop can be extremely stressful, however, we like to take care of all your stress by providing you a full and complete worktop service from templating to cutting and fitting.


We provide an inhouse cutting service to make sure that your worktop is dealt with by our CNC precision cutting machines. We also have experienced in-house polishers, who are available to hand polish your worktop to precision.


Why not give us a call for a free no obligation quote on the Imarmi Calcatta!

Imarmi Calcatta